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Baja Spirit Medicine Retreat

Dear Friends and Family,

Due to covid-19 travel restrictions, we are unable to host our upcoming retreat in Baja California, Mexico.  We hope to reschedule for summer 2020 and are accepting applications on a rolling basis.  Please stay tuned and take good care.

Join us for a profoundly healing & transformational experience with ethically sourced ibogaine, in a safe and medically assisted setting.  Our ceremonies include global therapeutic and healing modalities


For sixteen years, Dimitri Mugianis has been one of the most prolific advocates of ibogaine in the world.  He has adapted his extensive background with ibogaine into a western context in order to offer retreats with Iboga Revolution.  Dimitri ended a twenty year heroin habit using ibogaine seventeen years ago.  He went on to work extensively with the plant, bringing it to the US and providing treatment for addicts despite its illegality.

When not offering ceremony, he works at New York Harm Reduction Educators, providing holistic modalities for active drug users in Harlem.  He is a writer, public speaker, and host of the podcast Dimitri Mugianis Talks.

Adriana Gonzalez Villa is an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer and owner of Radiant Heart Yoga & Ceremonial Arts, a spiritual center on the west coast of Mexico.  Adriana is a dual citizen and resides in Guerrero, Mexico.  She brings a wealth of experience including knowledge of yoga and ceremony.   When not working with Iboga Revolution, Adriana offers plant medicine ceremonies, private healing sessions, hosts holistic events, and teaches yoga and meditation.  Her background in social justice work as well as in the healing arts perfectly complements the Iboga Revolution experience.

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