Private Ibogaine Sessions
Group Retreats & Individual Sessions

Have an absolutely private experience with the medicine in the breezy warmth of our beachfront location in Baja California.  Or inquire about us traveling to you.


One on one treatments offer a great amount of personal attention, care, and luxury


We help you to customize the experience according to your tastes.


Ease your mind in a safe & ceremonial setting, with medical staff present during the ceremony.  Psycho-spiritual experiences generally require 4-5 days on-site.  The journey itself may last between 8-16 hours, with a recovery period of a day or two.  We will ease the recovery period with beach walks, yoga, bodywork, meditation, and healthy living.


Personal retreats offer an opportunity for deep reflection and profound healing, without the distraction of other people and the energies they bring.


Preparation for taking the medicine of ibogaine includes time beforehand for plant and flower baths, intention setting, ritual and ceremony.  We will be using sound, song, and energy work during your journey.  Afterwards expect ceremonial processing for continued exploration and deepening of your experience.  


Private group sessions are perfect for leaders wishing to bring their own group together to experience a journey with ibogaine. 


Packages are fully customizable.  Contact us via the link below for more information.