Small Group Retreats in Rosarito, Baja California
Iboga Revolution altar, the night after an ibogaine retreat in Rosarito, Mexico
Iboga Revolution team members Jonathan Dickinson, Adriana Gonzalez, Dimitri Mugianis, and Roberto Pena after an ibogaine retreat in Rosarito, Mexico

​We offer a unique opportunity to experience the medicine of ibogaine in a ceremonial setting, rather than with the intention of addiction interruption and detoxification. Our purpose is to create a healing experience that supports personal revolution, in a stunning and private  location near San Diego.

The Medicine

It is important to know that iboga, like many plant medicines, is in danger of extinction because of over-harvesting for profit as well as other environmental factors such as the decline of wildlife that help the plant spread its seed. It's use no matter where contributes to its diminution in its natural habitat.  At Iboga Revolution, we are conscious of these ecological factors and use only ibogaine from a sustainable source.  Our ethically sourced ibogaine is made from the voacanga plant and does not threaten the world's ibogaine supply.

Although there is never a guarantee of experience, ibogaine has been described as a "reset," and a sense of being "awake in the dream." Its epigenetic properties have allowed many to reveal the source of past pain and trauma and heal ancestral wounds. Some have described a life review and cleansing and reordering of old patterns. You may or may not experience nausea. Recovery time depends on the dosage and individual biology, ranging from immediate, with little after effects, or lasting up to 48 hours.  We will accommodate you wherever you are on your journey.

The Ceremony


We will begin both retreats with a medical screening by our medical staff. Ibogaine can affect the heart rhythm.  We provide an EKG prior to the ceremony, and ask that you to get one on your own before arriving so that our medical staff can review it.  Please note that our doctor must approve all EKG results. Upon arrival you will be taken to a lab to comprehensive metabolic panel. Our highly experienced medical team will be present throughout the entire ceremony and afterwards. It's important to mention that our retreats are not for detox or treatment of addiction.


Our team will hold a strong ceremonial container throughout the night, praying, playing music, creating sound, holding warm presence, and providing support where it's needed. We will have additional assistance available, including our professional medical team. The ceremony will take place in our private and secure retreat space, with the peak experience lasting approximately 8-12 hours, and a gradual processing and return that could last up to 48 hours.

The remaining time after the ceremony will be filled with rest and contemplation, journaling and introspection. Three delicious and nourishing meal will be served on each full day.  The retreat will conclude with breakfast the following morning.  We can arrange private or group transportation, or recommend hotels if you would like to stay in the area and explore the quaint town of Playa Rosarito.



Begin by completing our Online Application.  We will get back to you by phone to discuss registration and payment.  Please note that our retreats are not for drug detox.

We are located approximately 45 minutes from San Diego in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.  If you are driving, we will provide directions to our center.  We can arrange ground transportation from San Diego for you.

This is a premium retreat and includes accommodation in a private room and transportation to and from San Diego airport.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost is due at the time of registration via online payment or wire transfer.  The remaining balance must be paid in full one month before the retreat begins.

We hope you can join us one of our transformative retreats in beautiful Baja!